4 in 1 package

Here are two proven gems, ready to continue to throw rose gray. This is a bargain for this quality package!


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5 in 1 Gray Package!

Here are two high quality gray foundation females, both bred. Belle just had her first cria, a big boned exceptional rose gray male who has been healthy and vigorous from day 1. Oh, and his fleece is gorgeous! Annaleise is one of our best females, with an incredible histogram to go along with he...


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6 in 1 Package!

Two proven gray females, both bred, and their crias at sides! If you are a gray breeder, this package could be for you. Liberty delivered her first cria this year, and this little guy is destined for the show ring. What stunning fleece he has! Pink's little girl Scout is a beauty as well, dest...


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Two Exceptional Young Gray Males

Here are two exceptional gray males, each with different bloodlines and individual qualities to give a boost to your gray breeding program. Windjammer's fleece is fine, crimpy, and soft to the hand. He is cuteness plus, and a smaller male. Fuzion is a robust larger male with a little less finene...


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